Valentines Day at Unipro

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Valentines Day at Unipro


How We Celebrated

At Unipro we like to work hard and play hard. Our team love themed Mondays, so we thought why not have one this valentine’s day. Themed days aren’t just for fun but it is also a great team building exercise since it helps our employees to bond with each other better. The team really enjoyed the experience and I’m sure you can agree, they look fantastic!

As well as brightening up the morning, there are many benefits to a little Monday fun including, but not limited to:

  • Reducing Stress

    A fun start to the morning is a great way of blowing off steam!

  • Improve Team Morale

    With many employees opting to work remotely, it’s important to keep employees feeling like part of a team.

  • A fun start to the week

    After a fun weekend no one wants to start the week with a boring meeting, to keep things fun we like to mix things up with some bright colours!

Our monthly themed Mondays are a real hit with our employees, check back in next month to see what March Madness brings!