Why Do I Need QA in My Software Development Company?

Quality Assurance
Why Do I Need QA in My Software Development Company?

Software quality assurance, or QA for short, is often viewed as an additional and unnecessary cost by many software developers. However, as we will discuss in this blog, QA is essential for any software development company offering generic or custom software development services. 

QA is an essential step in creating a software product that delivers value to its users and builds a strong reputation for the brand in terms of quality and reliability. So, whether it's for web development or the enterprise application development process, read on to find out exactly how QA can save money, time, protect your brand, and more. 

7 Reasons Why You Need QA in Your Software Development Services

Fact #1: QA saves time

One of the most important reasons to invest in QA is that it saves time. Studies have shown that it can take up to 30x longer to fix a defect found in production than one found at the requirements stage. This means that the earlier a development team finds and fixes defects, the faster and smoother the development process will be. Early testing also helps in this phase.

Fact #2: QA keeps your software development projects within budget

In addition to saving time when delivering software development services, QA also saves money. According to IBM Research, defects identified and resolved during the requirements and design phase of development are 60-100x less expensive to fix than those discovered and fixed after product release. This means that investing in QA can help you avoid costly fixes down the road.

Fact #3: QA increases confidence in the product

Another key benefit of QA is that it increases confidence in the product being developed, and the planned number of tests carried out will ensure the software’s compliance with the requirements. Creating software is creating value for users, and it is through poor quality that value is often not delivered. By ensuring high quality, you can build trust and loyalty among your users.

Fact #4: QA increases the safety level of the application

By conducting a series of safety and performance tests within a software project, QA can identify places where architecture errors have been made that are not visible to the ordinary user. This prevents data leaks and increases security against hacking attacks, which is especially important for applications that handle sensitive data or financial transactions, as well as custom software tailored to individual clients. 

Fact #5: QA protects brands

One of the most important reasons to invest in QA is to protect your brand. Software with minimal bugs helps to build the reputation we expect. Unfortunately, even a small error can spoil it, such as revealing internal user data. By finding and fixing bugs before they cause problems for your users, you can avoid negative reviews and protect your brand's reputation.

Fact #6: QA enhances user experience (UX)

Creating an optimised interface for applications that satisfy the user while helping to achieve business goals is a very difficult task. Optimised UX requires an innovative approach because it is through good UX that the user gets attached to the application. QA can help ensure that the user experience is smooth, intuitive, and enjoyable, which can help build a loyal user base.

Fact #7: QA drives revenues

Finally, it's important to remember that investing in QA can drive revenues in the long run. Stable, well-tested, bug-free software will generate more revenue than buggy, unstable, poorly tested software. By investing in QA, we build the business based on quality and trust, which in the long-term results in the reinvestment of funds saved through early error detection.

In closing

QA is an essential part of creating a software product that delivers value to its users and builds a strong reputation for the brand. By including QA in your business processes, you can:

  • Save time and money

  • Increase confidence in the product

  • Enhance user experience

  • Protect your brand

  • Drive revenues in the long run

So, make QA a priority as part of your software development process and take advantage of the benefits that come with it.

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