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Why We're the Quality Assurance Experts

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Why We're the Quality Assurance Experts

Quality assurance is a vital process that any software development company should include in their arsenal. In an increasingly digital world, where web apps, mobile apps and enterprise software all play an integral role in our daily lives, ensuring the quality and reliability of these applications has become paramount.

With the relentless pace of technological advancements and the ever-growing expectations of end-users, software quality assurance acts as a critical safeguard, ensuring that the software being developed meets the highest standards of performance, functionality, security, and user experience.

In this article, we explore what is required within a robust QA process – and how we deliver that as part of our software development services. 

QA at Unipro

Below are a few attributes to look for when adding QA to your business processes - attributes that we excel at.

1. Mature Quality Assurance Processes

Without a well-established QA process, you will struggle with a lack of control and constant delays. We follow clear-cut sets of actions letting the project development team resolve issues efficiently and reduce the time to market. Test processes and strategies are done according to the specificity of projects/applications with maximum efficiency and clarity.

2. Efficient Testing Tools

The market for Quality Assurance testing tools is large and confusing. If you choose the wrong tool, your automation testing effort might fail. We've worked with dozens of technologies and know what tools work better in what situation. We select technology stacks based on the needs of your project and complexity of the applications to deliver.

3. Extensive Quality Assurance Capabilities

We provide clients with access to a team of highly qualified Quality Assurance engineers who possess expertise in various software testing practices, including writing test scripts, performing test automation, building custom testing frameworks, and running different types of software tests.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the quality of your software product and will work diligently to detect and prevent any potential issues before they impact your end users. We are a team ISTQB certified in different specialties in testing to be able to meet the needs of all clients.

4. Full Transparency

We set up structured communication with timely reports and transparent processes. Our reports include a categorized list of errors, explanations, and resolutions. We build transparent and agile collaboration.

What’s the Added Value of Quality Assurance?

At Unipro, we deliver business value through our software testing practices in several ways. We have a collaborative approach that involves all stakeholders with clear communication at every stage, and our Lean approach focuses on eliminating inefficiencies and delays in the system for faster go-to-market.

Early validation in the lifecycle ensures that business requirements are fulfilled before integration, reducing testing costs by identifying defects earlier. We plan for automation at the design stage to get a better ROI and reuse artefacts from previous releases to improve productivity.

Our advanced techniques, such as risk-based testing, intelligent test data management, and defect prediction, lead to better test coverage and productivity. The gains are tremendous, including better product quality, faster project deliveries, and optimized testing efforts.

Agile Software Development Services

At Unipro, our software development services operate using an agile model. This is achieved through regular cadences of work, known as sprints, at the end of which, teams must present a potentially shippable product increment.

Testing has a life cycle of its own where it is run by Requirements/Acceptance Criteria, which are baselines for every project. The high-level testing cycle works as follows:

QA at Unipro

Testing Services We Offer

We provide end-to-end software testing to support your SDLC, reduce defects, and save your business from costly bugs.

Automated Testing Services

Our test automation services allow you to get a wide test coverage, reduce errors, and increase the speed of test execution. We use automation testing at large ongoing projects that require the execution of the same test suite repeatedly without human intervention.70% faster than manual testing, test automation saves time and money and gives all the benefits of the early time to market.

Functional Testing Services

We prevent shortcomings in your application by running functional tests during the software development lifecycle to check every feature that the software developers have implemented. By examining the results of functional tests, you get a clear picture of how your project is progressing at any point in time. We go further by providing ideas and improvements on applications in terms of usability and functionalities that will bring more value to clients.

Performance Testing Services

Performance issues in production are a nightmare of any business, especially those with a large user base. Slow websites, for example, are one of the main reasons that push customers to abandon a purchase.

We eliminate your performance bottlenecks letting you spend less time on the development work and avoid paying the price of the lost sales. We use performance tools to identify latencies, and slow loading of pages and processes in applications.

Usability Testing Services

To make a successful product, you need to create an enjoyable user experience. Usability testing is therefore a necessary step to make sure you don't have any problems that will send people away. We can test your prototype early on in the development process before locking down a final product.

Penetration Testing Services

Security threats can put your company at risk of losing information, revenue, and reputation. If you're building software that deals with sensitive data, it must pass security checks.

With our penetration testing services, we can help you protect your software from malicious intruders. To do penetration testing, we will simulate a cyber-attack and check your system for potential vulnerabilities to an external hacking attempt.

In Closing

QA is an indispensable component of successful software development in the domains of web development, mobile development, and beyond.

By implementing rigorous testing methodologies, conducting comprehensive quality checks, and ensuring adherence to industry best practices, software development companies can enhance the reliability, performance, and security of their applications. This not only fosters user satisfaction but also bolsters the organization’s credibility/

Moreover, quality assurance serves as a strategic enabler for seamless business operations by minimizing the risk of critical software failures, reducing costly rework, and maximizing the return on investment.

We provide the highest standards of QA through our mature processes and comprehensive testing approach. To learn more about QA at Unipro – or any of our digital consulting services – contact us today.