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Working for Unipro

What do our employees thing of us?

Over the last couple of months, the Unipro group has had many job vacancies to fill due to company growth. This means we’ve been welcoming a whole range of new starters to the Unipro family. 

Our marketing team are always on hand to assist our new starters in settling in. We recently sat down with a few of our new starters and returning employees to find out what attracted them to working with Unipro and how they’ve found the welcome. 

All employees had good things to say about their time at Unipro, below are a few key comments that we’re pleased to highlight: 

  • Good work/life balance 
  • The level of trust managers have in their teams 
  • Never stop learning 
  • Friendly and welcoming teams 
  • Appreciation for developers and the roles they play 

We are thrilled to have several employees return to work with us once more. There are a variety of different reasons our teams return to us however a common theme is that at Unipro they feel the management team has a strong level of trust in their developers and employees. It was a wonderful moment to hear one of our returners explain returning to work at Unipro like ‘returning home’. 

How you could become one of the Unipro team supporting clients with solving problems with digital technology?  

Firstly, the key thing is to understand who Unipro is and what we do. At the forefront of Unipro is the people; of course, the business is also about delivering solutions, but we can't do that without the people. We pride ourselves on having the right people in the right seats to be able to make things happen.  

2022 is a year of exponential growth and means we have new roles being added all the time, so we highly recommend you check out our careers page here. If you would like to join our amazing team, please pop over your CV to our friendly recruitment team and they will be in touch.  

2022 marks a significant year for Unipro and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!