Mental health awareness week 2022

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Mental health awareness week 2022

Mental health matters. 

No matter who you are or what career you choose loneliness affects everybody. That’s why access to mental health support and medical insurance is available to all Unipro employees.

Last week was Mental Health week so to help raise awareness of the importance of taking care of your mental health Unipro has hosted different activities throughout the week.

The week started with another Themed Monday (a common occurrence here at Unipro, it keeps things light on a Monday morning). The theme of mental health week this year is loneliness so the colour we chose was green. Everyone looked fantastic in their outfits, and we even captured a few smiles.

Themed Monday


It’s easy to focus on the physical aspects of health and neglect your brain, but the brain is so important. Studies have shown that regular brain exercises can help to increase focus, memory and daily functionality. To encourage mental health breaks, we’ve been sending puzzles and mini-games to employees throughout the week including daily Where’s Wally puzzles.

As well as games Unipro have also been hosting a photography competition, encouraging our teams to go into nature and send us their best nature photographs. Voting will take place next week so keep your eyes peeled for some of our favourite submissions next week.

We’ve also been sharing daily tips for maintaining good mental health, such as:

  1. Listening to a mental health podcast

  2. Taking a walk or experiencing nature

  3. Talk to someone, whether it’s a friend, family member or colleague

  4. Keep your brain active – whether it’s riddles or puzzles it’s a great way to focus the mind

  5. Try meditation

  6. Take a break

  7. Do something you enjoy

  8. Keep active

To round off the week we also heard from our mental health first aider, Lee Fisher about available healthcare services, tips for maintaining good mental health and finishing up with a quiz.