Helping your business bridge the technical skill shortage

Helping your business bridge the technical skill shortage

The Covid-19 pandemic saw businesses globally become more reliant on technology than ever before adding to the already strained recruitment pool. Almost overnight society went digital which put strain on companies that were navigating unchartered territory.  As more businesses were rapidly adopting digital processes the demand for highly skilled workers skyrocketed. Whilst it may sound like a good thing having more open technical vacancies, this sharp rise has led to a skill shortage across the industry, with The Open University Business Barometer estimating that the skills shortage is costing the UK £3.6 billon. 

With the growing cost of recruiting technical heads many SMEs are struggling to keep up with demand so in turn are adopting Low-Code solutions. One of the biggest hindrances of traditional coding is the wealth of technical knowledge and understanding required to be successful, whereas Low-Code offers the ability to train individuals with varying abilities to use the platform to build applications. This in turn is enabling them to automate manual processes by utilising well know visual tools such as drag and drop. Low-Code gives businesses the opportunity to turn their existing teams into citizen developers.  

Unipro can work alongside your business to turn your most valuable players into citizens by empowering your team to create and contribute to mission critical applications through team augmentation and training. Our team of developers have the knowledge and experience of building applications from scratch using traditional coding giving you the “safe pair of hands” to creating the most effective and valuable applications for your business requirements.   We also offer a variety of training, from bootcamps, samples, guides, demos, and documentation - all of which support your team in building high-quality mobile and web applications in Low-Code. 

Contact Unipro today to find out how we can help you to bridge the digital skill shortage within your organisation. 


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