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Looking ahead to the future

Unipro, Looking to the future
Looking ahead to the future

With 2022 underway we can't help but feel excited about the future. To celebrate, we sat down with our Managing Director, Shaun Froome to get some insight into what's in store for Unipro.  

Firstly, lets remind ourselves where it all started. 

Back in 1997 Unipro was founded by two, engineers , resulting in a business focused on offering a collaborative quality of service through design, build, and implementation of factory automation systems. As the business has evolved into a specialist digital agency todays four shareholders all come from an engineering background. Throughout the years, Unipro has prided itself in being ahead of technology and innovating the services to meet industry demands, latterly becoming a centre of excellence for Low-Code solutions. Our expert developers have extensive knowledge within traditional coding, which sets us apart from in the field of Low-Code enabling us to provide clients with the engineering level of rigor in solution design to meet their challenging requirements.  

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What is the vision and plans for 2022? 

2022 has brought strong growth within the industry and with new and existing client problems to solve. Due to the acceleration in demand, we are rapidly expanding our talented team and welcome fresh faces. Our specialist team pride ourselves on being able to ensure our clients are recommended the best possible solution to meet their business-critical challenges, whether facilitated by commercial of the shelf (COTS), traditional code development or the in vogue Low-Code platforms.    

To do this our in house experts of experienced digital strategists and developers are identifying the core business needs and technical issues rather than working on just the symptoms clients face. .   

This is an exciting time for Unipro, with all our hard work and planning over the last year coming to roost. As the leadership team said just last week, planning has its place, but the fun part is when the rubber hits the road, and now is the time for executing the plan.   

2022 marks a significant year for Unipro and we look forward to sharing more with you soon! 


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