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Addressing the pivoting demands of the ‘new normal’ digital market

Addressing the pivoting demands of the ‘new normal’ digital market

This initial six months of COVID provided Unipro with the opportunity to observe and assess the way the market was changing and establish how we as a team will change, to not compensate for but to invest in and lead, as the new dynamics and demands of the market settle.

The evolution to meet the 'new normal' has meant doubling down on the areas that make the most difference to businesses i.e. maximise efficiency, time to market, increased productivity, value for money while extracting the most from existing infrastructures and resources. To achieve this, we shifted to a tighter focus on the products that offer clients the ability to do exactly that. Low-Code and Conversion Rate Optimisation provide businesses with the tools to extract the most benefit from both existing solutions whilst also expediting the enhancement or replacement of inefficient legacy platforms.

With so many businesses needing to quickly expand or exploit their digital presence to address the challenges of footfall on the high street, we also had to make it easy for the clients to work with us whist providing real value in areas where our team are the experts such as CRO strategy, technical integration and complex problem solving. This meant investing in the team, so we recruited strategically important roles such as Digital Consulting and re-trained the team, trebling our OutSystems Low-Code certified developers and setting a plan in motion to become market ready for the projected shift away from traditional coding. 

Common language amongst our team and clients today are:

  • Build applications 10x faster
  • Rapid innovation
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Produce value to the business quicker
  • Extend the product life cycle (sweat the asset)
  • Empowering teams
  • Low-Code augmented teams
  • Citizen developer

Building solutions based on the OutSystems Low-Code platform, frees up the focus for delivering the unique aspects of the business requirement: workflow, logic, problem solving and integration, that together deliver rapid, lower cost solutions i.e. the “What” rather than the “how” with the underlying platform taking care of the heavy lifting of UX, Security, Governance and Scalability

Therefore, through the challenges that 2020 has presented us with, there are reasons to be positive with exciting times ahead.


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