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Download our Low-Code Comparison Guide

Download a copy of our guide to learn more about how Low-Code compares versus other coding methods, which platforms are available and find out why it’s the right solution for your organisation.

OS Ebook

OutSystems eBook

What's included:

  • The importance of delivering a modern customer experience
  • Understanding key CX terms and the differences between them 
  • How you can ensure you're really listening to your customer -  through the Voice-of-a-customer programme 



Automotive Whitepaper

What's included:

  • Breakdown of how the automotive industry has been impacted by COVID-19
  • A detailed guide on how car dealerships can improve their digital experience 
  • Strategic changes which have the potential to strengthen your business and improve sales.

The Speed of Change: Manufacturing

Download the report to understand how manufacturers have shifted their digital priorities and are responding to the continuous high demand for applications, whilst struggling with finding new development talent.


The Speed of Change: Financial Services

OutSystems research on the state of application development dives into how banks/financial institutions, among other industries, are performing.