What will you learn?

Learn how, compared to traditional custom frameworks, High-Performance Low-Code from OutSystems can facilitate:

  • Enhanced speed and agility to innovate to
    • take advantage of market opportunities
    • support business objectives and initiatives
    • adapt to market dynamics
  • Increased productivity
  • Systematic security checks
  • Improved scalability
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership



Understanding successful innovation delivers Digital Transformation.

Taking the input from stakeholders representing a combined annual turnover of $3b and 10,000 employees across a spread of markets, including:

  • Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology & Services
  • Distribution

Forrester has identified cost-saving benefits, that can be realised from the OutSystems Low-Code platform across the three digital elements that Gartner defines as being key to the success of digital initiative execution, namely:

  • Digital Technology Enablement:

    • The platform must be ready for the initiatives (the facilitator)

  • Digital Business Transformation where:

    • The business is looking to take advantage of a new opportunity and

    • Time to market for new revenue-generating initiatives, is commercially vital to stay ahead of the competition

  • Digital Business Optimisation where:

    • The business is looking for a problem to solve and, therefore

    • Time to value of the operational efficiency initiatives is essential to secure efficiency savings quickly




Read about the economic benefits derived from the OutSystems Low-Code platform

  1. Productivity gains over traditional frameworks, through

    1. shorter development timelines

    2. reduced developer effort

    and how these can be leveraged to either reduce timelines and costs or increase what can be delivered

  1. Not paying for unused software

  2. Reusable portfolio of code components

  3. Simplified mobile application development

  4. The benefits of systematic security checks and improved scalability

  5. How Low-Code delivers a year-on-year cumulative maintenance cost saving

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The Total Economic Impact Of OutSystems